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​Proserve of Michigan

(734) 775-1875​

“I have hired many process servers in my 23 years as a practicing lawyer. Paul, at Proserve of Michigan is, without a doubt, the best of them. He responds to inquiries immediately, accomplishes service consistently, accurately and efficiently. He promptly attends to administrative details. I highly recommend Proserve of Michigan. If you wish to verify this recommendation, feel free to call me at (248) 320-1071”

​Bryan D. Marcus
​Bryan D. Marcus, P.C.
​Royal Oak, Michigan

​“You guys are amazing…”

Shane Swatzell, C.E.O.
​Full Circle Legal
​Houston, Texas

“Awesome! Thank you for serving that so quickly.”
​Troy Burch, Owner and C.E.O.
​Wisconsin State Process
Madison, Wisconsin

​​“Paul, at Proserve of Michigan, has assisted me with the service of numerous documents related to various types of cases in different courts. His rates are fair, and he is always responsive to my requests. He keeps me advised of his progress. He has helped me with skip-trace inquiries, and he is always determined to assist me with locating individuals or entities that we need to serve. He is my ‘go-to process server’."

Tara Lank, Legal Assistant
Salvatore, Prescott & Porter, PLLC
Northville, Michigan​

“Consistently excellent service,  Routinely puts in the extra effort to get the job done.”​
Melody Mack, Legal Assistant
Blaske and Blaske, P.L.C.
Ann Arbor, Michigan